The Inane AsylumÔ - Congress and Its Inmates

(A pre-election column; see the post-election coverage in this issue.)


By Bernard Levy


Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, definitions:




(Although this column was written pre-election, we believe it requires publication)


On this election eve, let’s approach Congress, whom we “affectionately” label “The Inane Asylum™,” on a “What if?” basis.


We have been taught by the experts (moms, dads, teachers) that we should never revert to the “would have, should have, could have” syndrome.  In other words, whatever we did, whatever has happened, is real and factual.  We can’t go backwards.  Although President Bush has consistently said, when the many occasions have arise – “I don’t want to play the blame game” – it’s not a question of blame, but a question of fixing responsibility for actions.  And so, let’s indulge ourselves in the “What if?” game with Congress with the view that perhaps something can be accomplished in the future.







Maybe not, but even some of the above actions that could have been taken would have been much better than the actions that were not taken.


Truly Congress has lived up to its name and reputation of being the Inane AsylumÔ.