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Vol 1, Issue 9

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Monday, November 20, 2006

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  • A Bedtime Story for People of All Ages:
    The Tale of the Texas Bull Called Iraq and the Cow Named Econ - Chapter 7

    By Bernard Levy

    (Note: The FCP's serialized presentation of the book, "A Bedtime Story," has fast-forwarded to Chapter 7. We bring you current in the continuing saga of Rancher George Bramble, his ranch hands, Don and Dick, and their prized bull, Iraq. We discovered in our last chapter, Chapter 3, that Iraq's new behavioral problems involved lice infestation. Even after medication, Iraq is still unmanageable, but Rancher Bramble continues to believe that everything will be okay soon.)

    Daddy: "It's story time again, and I have the newest chapter of "The Tale of the Texas Bull Called Iraq and the Cow Named Econ. Kids, if you remember, Doc Harmy had given Iraq the bull some medicine to cure his problems. Let's see what's happening with Iraq."

    Daughter: "And you'll tell us about Econ the cow and her baby?"

    Daddy: "Of course. Look, here on the first page is Econ and her calf, munching grass. Her calf has really grown, and both of them look happy, don't they?"

    Little brother: "Yes, they do, Daddy. Would you press the pop-up so we can see them standing on the grass?"

    Daddy: "There, see them standing? Unfortunately, if you look at this next picture, Iraq is still snorting and running around and not behaving himself. You can see the worried looks on the faces of Rancher Bramble and his ranch hands, Dick and Don. Doc Harmy's medicine worked for a while, but Iraq is still having problems living in peace on the ranch. It seems like something else is bothering Iraq besides lice, because Doc Harmy's medicine is not working anymore."

    Daddy turns the page. "Dick and Don are very upset with each other. They're pointing fingers at each other. Oh, look; they're not pointing fingers at each other but at Halli Burton. I guess she didn't do a very good job, and they're telling her to go. See her carry her suitcases and walk onto the ranch driveway and get into her car?"

    Daughter: "Why are they sending her away? Has she been bad, too?"

    Daddy: "I guess she wasn't doing a good job with Iraq. She's carrying some papers with her so she can get another job. That was nice of Rancher Bramble to say nice things in the papers about her.

    "Look on this next page. Rancher Bramble has investors in the ranch who are getting upset with him about the condition of Iraq…"

    Daughter: "What are investors, Daddy? They don't look happy, do they?"

    Daddy: "No, they don't. In fact, they're very upset with Rancher Bramble and Don, the ranch hand. They're blaming Don for taking part in the decision to buy Iraq, since Iraq has cost everyone a lot of money and hasn't done the things that he was suppose to do.

    "Look, they're telling Rancher Bramble that he has to let Don go, too, like Halli Burton. Rancher Bramble doesn't want to let Don go and is arguing with the investors. Wow! That's a big argument they're having, and you can see that even Iraq has stopped his snorting, puffing and running around to look at them. Maybe Rancher Bramble and the investors arguing like that will calm down Iraq.

    "Well, I guess Don is going to leave the ranch, too. Look at the investors pointing fingers at Don to go." Daddy turns the page. "Rancher Bramble and Don are talking to each other, and Rancher Bramble puts a hand on Don's shoulder to show that he still likes him. Don has his suitcases packed and leaves the ranch in a very beautiful automobile. Look how black and long and shinny it is."

    Daughter: "Daddy, don't you wish you could have a car like that?"

    Daddy: "Not really. I love our car because it's comfortable, and both of you enjoy it as well as Mommy and me.

    Little brother: "Yes, we really do. Except that there are a lot of sticky gummy bears under my seat. Can you get them out for me?"

    Daddy: "I'll try. Look at Iraq, he's still running around, snorting and huffing and puffing. You can see that Rancher Bramble and ranch hand Dick are still puzzled. They don't know what to do." Daddy turns the page and says, "Oh, it looks like I need to go to the library again. Let's turn on the TV and watch the SpongeBob Smartpants show. It should be a good one. What do you say?"

    Daughter and little brother, almost in unison, "Let's do it, Daddy. Let's have fun together."

    Will Rancher Bramble and ranch hand Dick ever calm down Iraq? Will Econ and her baby continue to be happy? What role will the investors have in determining what to do with Iraq? Where will ranch hand Don go? Where will Halli Burton go? Hopefully, the next chapter will give us some answers.

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