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Vol 1, Issue 9

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Monday, November 20 & 27, 2006

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    As you will note, this is a double issue. During Thanksgiving week, our staff takes time to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

    The comprehensive economy article that the FCP has advertised for several weeks will be published in our next issue. We are taking a vacation from the "Inane AsylumTM" and wish to announce that our feature, the "Mediocre HousekeeperTM," is seeking to establish its own website. Its place will be taken by a new feature, "The Legal Beat." Although many enjoy kidding about lawyers, we intend to humanize the legal profession and communicate worthwhile legal stories.

    This issue contains a new chapter of "A Bedtime Story for People of All Ages: The Tale of the Texas Bull Called Iraq and the Cow Named Econ." Charlie Tsence has graciously allowed me to take his Pet Advice space with a story about my golden retriever writing companion, Cheddar.

    Our Editorial "Shouldn't the Words and Music Go Together?" brings into perspective what our fearless leader and his Administration actually say and do.

    Finally, "The Back Page" is devoted to reflective poetry from an anonymous author. The author apparently doesn't strictly follow poetry's technical rules, but we believe taking poetic license is acceptable.

    The elections are over, and we're thankful for this brief respite from political posturing and maneuvering. 'Tis the season to be reflective and thankful for the gift of life. Thanksgiving is more than a story about the Pilgrims and Native Americans; it is the time to quietly reflect upon our lives and the lives of others and recognize the contributions of others. It's important, in these darkened days, to encourage light in a world that desperately needs illumination.

    We at the FCP give thanks for your readership. May we make a suggestion that we find meaningful during Thanksgiving festivities? It works best when everyone at the Thanksgiving table moves their chairs back two steps and takes a minute or two to quietly give thanks for the important things in our lives. The action of moving the chairs away from the table helps put the meal's bounty into focus.

    May we find the strength and courage to help each other and take part in the greater world community in a peaceful and meaningful manner.

    Our best,

    From the Editor and Staff

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    Features in this Issue

    Politics & Government

    Page 2 "A Bedtime Story for People of All Ages: The Tale of the Texas Bull Called Iraq and the Cow Named Econ - Chapter 7." Ms. Halli Burton is dismissed and Don the ranch hand, is also directed to leave. Follow the action as Daddy reads to Daughter and Little Brother.

    Thought Provoking

    Page 3 "Hidden Stories" cover the settlement award for the mistreatment of nuclear weapons scientist, Wen Ho Lee; the FDA approval of silicone-gel breast implants; possible new banking regulations for the country's largest banks; theft in city government by a finance director; and the severance of Halliburton from its Iraq government contract.

    Pet Advice

    Page 4 Charles Tsence gives his space to Mr. Levy in "Pet Advice" to "Cheddar, the Golden Retriever - The Best Writing Companion Since Barley." Mr. Levy has a canine writing associate; that's news!


    Page 5 "Shouldn't the Words and Music Go Together?" We explore the importance of what leaders say and do. Their credibility, on all levels, is questionable when they make promises they don't intend to keep. When their messages are without substance because of prior actions, no one is left to listen.

    Back Page

    Page 6 As the crew from "Monte Python" said many times, "And now for something completely different." It's poetry time.


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